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Posted: 15/07/2016 in Galvin Blog
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Best Restaurants in London, places to eat in London Galvin Grouse Best Restaurants in London, places to eat in London Galvin Grouse What's a better way to spend your Sunday than at one of the best restaurants in London? Whatever your answer is, take a minute to explore all your options at our three Galvin restaurants in London. Galvin Hop, La Chapelle and Bistrot De Luxe have quite an impressive combination on menus that are perfect for a Sunday roast, lunch or dinner. The Sunday roast is a traditional British main meal that is typically served on Sunday. It is vastly prominent in British culture, ranking as the second most loved thing about Britain, and we are most certain that you will love our Sunday roast at our London restaurants. 

When someone says the words: restaurant London, or even better: best restaurant London, we can think of a name or two. With so many London restaurants it is not an easy task to find the right one for yourself and your company, but we do have only the best to share with you. Let us begin with one of the best restaurants in London: Bistro De Luxe. One of our three London restaurants, who offer you both the option of a two course and a three course meal, priced at £23.50 and £28.50 respectively. With those good of value offers we have a selection of five different starters, five mouth watering mains and unforgettable desserts, there's something special for everyone. How does our delicious tartare of salmon, creme fraache, dill, yogurt & apple mousse sound like? Or perhaps you'd like to start your meal at one of the best restaurants in London with something lighter such as our velouté of carrot & cumin, with sage and hazelnut? We'd also like to tempt you with our English leeks in vinaigrette and soft boiled hens' egg. The choice is always yours, and we do apologises in advance as it might be difficult to choose just one' but the doors are always open next Sunday at one of our restaurants in London. 

Let us move onto the main affair: the main course. We have an impressive roast rib of Galloway beef, aged 40 days, that comes with the traditional Yorkshire pudding and horseradish cream. That one is definitely a favourite in the restaurant London scene, as it's hard to miss out on a good old Yorkshire pudding roast dinner. If that's not your cup of tea we always have our Cornish haddock with crushed Maris Piper potatoes and hollandaise. For our vegetarian customers we have a grilled aubergine steak with slow cooked tomato, roasted pepper, yogurt and pea shoots. We did say that there is something special for everyone, didn't we? After all we dare call ourselves one of the best restaurants in London. 

Don't worry we haven't forgotten those of you who live for the very last course, this one is for you desserts lovers. With such a variety of desserts in London restaurants, we had to think carefully when devising the very best five desserts. Perhaps they take a step or two away from the traditional British desserts, but we are certain that you will love our baba au rhum with creme chantilly and golden raisins. Take your pick, as we also offer a luscious hot chocolate fondant with spiced vanilla ice cream and our creme caramel with sablé biscuit. Without a doubt, our desserts bring a taste of France to London restaurants. 

Perhaps we we got carried away a little bit there with Bistro De Luxe, which is a perfect fit in the best restaurants London crowd. But you know who else fits quite well? La Chapelle. La Chapelle has: best restaurants London written all over it and their 3 course Sunday Lunch menu is not something you would want to miss. For the price of just £34.50, you can taste the very best of the restaurant London playground. The starters include the heaven sent charred mackerel with kohlrabi, chervil root and lemon gel. Our mackerel will make you question the very taste of this fish, as no one does it quite the way as one of the best restaurants in London, La Chapelle. Not to worry if you're not a huge fish fan, there's always our slow cooked pork belly with padron peppers, mango and pink grape fruit chutney, finished off with our Asian glaze. Now that taste will linger in your memory for quite some time' 

Now for the main event, something with a little tradition. We know there are all sorts of different variations our the classic roast dinner, and so with that into the best restaurants London show, enters another unique take on the famous roast. Our roast rump of beef with Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes and glazed carrots is one that will leave you feeling positively satisfied and impressed, after all La Chapelle is one of best restaurants in London. They also have the very best of gnocchi recipes that they include as a mains option on their Sunday lunch menu. The parmesan and herbs gnocchis, with pickled chantenay carrots and cavolo nero are ones that will change the meaning of gnocchis and will make you come back for more. And of course La Chapelle will never fail to deliver. 

We believe that everyone should have at least one brownie in their life time, ideally much more than just one but should the occasion only happen once then it is an absolute necessity that you have the best version of a brownie, that you can only find amongst the top best restaurants London crew. La Chapelle's white chocolate and caramel brownie with salted caramel ice cream and caramelized pistachios is one you will not soon forget; but you will forever want to savour the taste of. Truly it would be a sin to miss out on this gem. When it comes to the best brownies known to mankind, located in London restaurants, we definitely know what we're talking about. 

Another delightful Sunday lunch can be found at Galvin Hop, who we would also consider a member of the best restaurants London club. If you are up for a restaurant London browse, look not further as Galvin Hop is the one you just cannot afford not to try. Hop is different from many restaurants in London, including both La Chapelle and Bistrot De Luxe, in that it offers you one of the best bottomless brunches found in London restaurants. They serve the classics such as Eggs Benedit, Royal and Florentine as well as their very own full English Breakfast. Of course if you are in the mood for something lighter, you can always enjoy their crushed avocado with poached eggs, urfa chilli flakes and rye bread; Hop knows about the importance of brunch. With this for only £10 you can have the famous "bottomless booze" which has become a popular concept in many restaurants in London. If you are unfamiliar with the phrase, then you're up for a jolly good surprise as it means unlimited prosecco or if you like unlimited unpasteurised Pilsner Urquell. Whatever you are in the mood for Galvin Hop will guarantee that you will leave with a full tummy of appetising dishes. 

There's nothing much more to say, than pick your favourite from the top three best restaurants in London and enjoy your Sunday lunch. With so much dish variation, but consistency in top taste and quality you are in for a real Sunday treat at any of our restaurants in London.

Each August the moors of England and Scotland teem with sports men and women taking part in the grand tradition of the Glorious 12th when according to tradition (not to mention the Game Act of 1831) the season opens for the Red Grouse. The busiest day on the shooting calendar, the 12th marks the beginning to a new seasonal raft of flavours for our chefs to work with as the rich tang of game is added to the palette.

These are flavours which feel ancient, timeless, and feel like a direct like to simpler time where all food was seasonal because what you ate was truly dictated by the seasons rather than the artificial extensions brought by high-speed mass transit and the ability for strawberries grown half way around the world to be consumed at Christmas in the UK. It would be carping to say that this is all a bad thing - that the easy transport of foodstuffs around the globe hasn't brought a raft of benefits - but seasonality is important. It's not just a buzzword or way of drawing diners in with a sense of rusticism, although some London restaurants might make you question that, but the simple fact that a rotation in available flavours from spring, summer, autumn and winter, freshens the senses and enlivens chefs to new possibilities. The foods which come into season together work well together and, used correctly, can bring a sense of place in a year which is matched only by the smell of the earth and first shoots in spring, watching the leaves turn in autumn or sharp crunch of the grass from the first frost of winter. In case we're getting too floral here, it boils down to this: we live ina seasonal world, even in the cities, and abiding by a seasonal template for flavours inherently feels good. So, back to game.

There are some restaurants, often those thought to be among the best restaurants in London, where on the evening of the 12th itself you can order grouse which was wandering the moor that very morning, before it encountered the guns, sped to London in a relay of hands and vehicles and arriving at the restaurant almost before the sun has set. Not so for us. For years now we have decided to take our time and do things right. It's not that we aren't caught up in the excitement of the day itself - the tradition of the shoot, the obtaining and tracking of the birds all the way from the grouse moor to our kitchens all in a matter of hours, but to best enjoy this singular moment in the sporting and gastronomic calendars the birds must of course be hung in order to give the most of their unique flavours. It is because of this that we wait a week for our grouse to be ready for table - we would like to think that because we wait, Bistrot de Luxe and La Chapelle are the best restaurants in London to open the season at.

At Bistrot de Luxe from the 19th we will have a special set menu featuring 7 day aged grouse, bread sauce, Damson compote & sorrel and La Chapelle's set menu will feature a classic roast Yorkshire grouse with savoy cabbage, game chips & bread sauce. This, along with all of the courses, have been matched to some truly stunning wines which we hope will enliven the evening further, although of course you can make your own selection from our extensive lists. Whatever you choose, we look forward to welcoming you to this yearly celebration.

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Best Restaurants in London

Best Restaurants in London