Bistrot de Luxe

Bistrot de Luxe is now closed.

After service on the 10th of February, we closed the doors on Bistrot de Luxe for good. It was an incredibly hard decision to take but a perfect storm of conditions meant that our perennial aim, of providing the best quality dining for every-day prices had become impossible. So, rather than compromise the soul of the restaurant or try to make it something it was not, the restaurants of Marylebone now number one less.

For just over 12 years, we took classic techniques and recipes and made them our own, in an effort to create the best French restaurant in London. We make no apologies for that ambition and the outpouring of good feeling which followed the announcement of closure says that, for some people at least, we achieved that goal.

We created Bistrot de Luxe as a way to serve classic French cuisine without fuss or ceremony, as a way to bring some warmth into a London restaurant scene which was at the time, we felt at least, to be too much in love with complexity for complexity’s sake, rather than letting technique be at the service of the experience. It’s where Chris Galvin at Jeff Galvin, two chef brothers, became The Galvin Brothers and in that way as long as the company exists, Bistrot de Luxe will always be present. Not just in memories as the restaurant which also did the best cocktails on Baker Street, or even the finest Sunday lunch Baker Street, or indeed Marylebone, had to offer, but also reflected in how we continue to do things at other Galvin restaurants in London and further afield.

Voted Best French Restaurant

Speaking of those other restaurants, we would be honoured to welcome you – whether near or far. Starting near, a mile’s brisk walk near-directly south, Galvin at the Athenaeum reflects the approach which made the Bistrot a favourite and serves a menu which draws a great deal of its inspiration from the same places. It’s here where championing unfussy cooking where the ingredients do the talking is the order of the day, and the prime difference is that we take a more modern British approach to both dishes and produce. If you were a fan of our private dining rooms on Baker Street then we would love to welcome you to Galvin at the Athenaeum.

Michelin starred Galvin Brothers

In the very same neighbourhood, though with a more vertiginous vantage point and a Michelin star, Galvin at Windows has plenty to offer you too. Classic French techniques like those championed at Bistrot de Luxe meet more international influences with monthly-changing menus and easy-going luxury, 28 floors in the sky.

The signature dishes of Bistrot de Luxe can also be found on the menu at younger brother La Chapelle in Spitalfields. Here we can offer you the lasagne of Dorset crab with beurre Nantais, which was on the opening menu at Bistrot and never left, to start and to finish with either a slice of tarte tatin or truffled brie. To be fair, La Chapelle is a little grander than Bistrot de Luxe, but along with those menu items it is the ethos and the welcome which we would hope stand out for you on your visit as being unmistakably Galvin.

Next door to La Chapelle is Galvin HOP – our Pub de Luxe. Here there are no tablecloths, the pass is open and we have created a menu which is all about treating the very best produce simply and with respect, but with no stone unturned when it comes to those recipes. Modern classics like a hotdog which took 6 months research and development, paired with fresh, unpasteurised Pilsner Urquell delivered weekly from the Czech republic. These are the same values which we launched Bistrot de Luxe with, the same values which we look forward to continuing to share with you. Click here to explore more.