City & Guilds Certification

Galvin Restaurants is the first company in the world to adopt the brand new City & Guilds Global Certification for Hospitality. Chris Galvin has been heavily involved in designing this benchmark, the first of its kind.

Despite high profile closures, particularly in restaurant chains, the UK hospitality industry is the UK’s fourth biggest and expected to have sales exceeding £100 billion when 2018 figures are published. Almost one in ten of all workers are employed in this sector which has grown 20% in the last five years. 

Chris and Jeff Galvin, probably the only brothers with a Michelin star currently working together in the UK (anywhere in the world), see this new certification as vital for their industry.

Brexit has had a significant impact on the UK Hospitality Industry with increasing pressure on the number of people wanting to work in the sector. City & Guilds has established a framework of digital badges designed to "Make Skills Visible” and help provide clear career pathways within the hospitality industry so that individuals around the world can get recognition for the skills and experience they have developed on the job.

"Our industry faces two major problems" comments Chris Galvin. "The first is that there simply aren’t enough bodies. Not enough people to fill the vacancies. The second is that too few people at all levels, from school leavers to university graduates to mature workers see Hospitality as a career they want to pursue"

"There is a perception that it is a low-grade sector but in fact the reverse is true. We are a young people’s industry and progress in a career can be both rapid and lucrative.”

City & Guilds’ Jeremy Dahdi, Executive Director for International and Digital Credentialing expects acceptance and take up of the Global Certificate to be rapid. "We have used the latest technology available to generate 21st century, mobile and data rich digital badges. There are huge advantages for both those wanting to work in the industry and employers looking for skilled staff, with the right attitude.

"Instead of having paper certificates, individuals can now provide a digital footprint of their career against standards which have been co-designed with leading employers. We’ve worked closely with Chris Galvin to make sure that the framework is realistic and easy for any hotel, bar or restaurant to adopt. We know that all leading [OR quality?] brands have their "bibles” – you might call it the Galvin Way of doing things for example. Our Global Certification meshes seamlessly with these individual operations manuals.”
Galvin Restaurants adopt new City & Guilds certification

Starting in May Individuals working in hospitality can register. Everyone working in the hospitality sector can gain recognition – whatever level they are at. Career mapping is clear. Even a cleaner or casual staff can get a badge for gaining experience in hospitality operations. If they then move into working behind the bar or joining a kitchen brigade they can gain additional skill badges. This goes all the way up to the Chef or General Manager at a huge international hotel. 

For the first year, City & Guilds will be focusing on embedding the certification with leading international, high quality brands. "We are keen to make sure that we are building very strong credibility for the framework before opening it out more widely so that it becomes a truly global benchmark for the industry” said Jeremy Dahdi.  

Chris Galvin and Fred Sirieix, General Manager, Galvin at Windows have a long history of supporting careers in their industry. Galvin’s Chance, founded in 2009 is an into-work programme for young people. The programme leads to pre-employment hospitality training, a work placement and sustainable employment. Galvin’s Chance seeks to help those at risk of crime and offer them a real alternative and to support young people who face various barriers to employment.